Why does laser depilation need to depilate many times

Summer is coming. Many fairies have put hair removal on the agenda. When some fairies do laser hair removal, they find that they can’t achieve long-term hair removal at one time. Why? How many times does that take?

Why does laser depilation need to depilate many times

Hair growth includes growth period, degeneration period and rest period. During the growth period, the mother cells of hair divide rapidly. There are many melanins in this period, so they are sensitive to laser. Therefore, laser hair removal is mainly completed in this period, which is also effective; In the degenerative stage, the hair matrix degenerates and the dermal papilla shrinks; Hair follicles and papillae are separated and hair falls off in the telogen period. In the degenerative period and telogen period, they are not sensitive to laser and can not destroy hair follicles.

  1. Because the laser has no obvious effect on the hair in the degenerative stage and resting stage, the laser can only work after these hair turn into the growth stage. Therefore, laser hair removal needs many times of treatment, and the effect can be obvious.
  2. Based on different parts of hair, there are different growth cycles, and the interval of each treatment is also different. If the head hair has a relatively short rest period, the interval can be as short as 1 month; The hair rest period of trunk and limbs is relatively long, so the treatment interval is about 2 months.
  3. If the proportion of a certain part of hair in the growth period is small, the number of treatments should be increased. On the contrary, the number of treatment can be reduced.
  4. If the density of hair follicles in a certain part is too high, the laser energy should be appropriately reduced during treatment.
  5. The depth of hair follicles also varies according to the location. If the depth is deep, a longer wavelength laser treatment must be used. On the contrary, if the depth is shallow, a shorter wavelength laser treatment can be used.

Generally, 60% – 70% of hair can be removed three times; After 5 treatments, the remaining hair is generally few, clear and countable.

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