What is the difference between laser depilation and pulse depilation

There are many ways of depilation, among which laser depilation and pulse depilation are new depilation technologies. Both laser and pulsed light can destroy the growing hair and achieve the effect of hair removal. What’s the difference between the two? Pulsed light depilation uses different wave bands of light beams to hit the skin, which has a wide spectrum and can not gather energy; Laser hair removal uses a fixed light wave directly to the hair follicle, which can concentrate more energy on a single melanin.

What is the difference between laser depilation and pulse depilation

Pulsed light instrument is an instrument that can emit multiple wavelength spectra at the same time, so it is different from the single wavelength of laser, but its action principle is similar to laser, which is selective photothermal effect. The emitter area of pulsed light is dozens of times larger than that of ordinary laser. Generally, the light spot of laser is about to square centimeter, but the light spot of pulsed light is as large as 2 square centimeter to 10 square centimeter. Using pulsed light can save several times the operation time.

Pulsed light is multi wavelength and a group of broad-spectrum light. It contains various wavelengths. The wavelengths of pulsed light of different brands are different, but it covers a wide range of wavelengths, such as 560 ~ 1200 and 640 ~ 1200. Therefore, each pulsed light can simulate the functions of multiple lasers at the same time. For example, the wavelength 585 in the energy of pulsed light can simulate dye laser to dilute red vascular spots; Wavelength 694 can simulate ruby laser and fade black spots. Although pulsed light can simulate the functions of various lasers, pulsed light does not have the same single wavelength and high-energy destructive light as laser, which can directly destroy the tissue of a specific color. It needs to add a filter to filter the light of a short wavelength, and then filter out the light above a specific wavelength to achieve the purpose of destroying the tissue of a specific color.

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