What is the difference between color light depilation and color light depilation

Compared with some people who are born with fine hair, hair will directly affect the appearance of the image. Some beauty seekers will use color light long-term hair removal to remove too much hair. Can one-time long-term hair removal really be maintained for a long time? Although the curative effect of laser hair removal can be long-term, we must choose a standard hospital for treatment. In the end, we want the long-term curative effect, which is related to the number and duration of treatment. At present, let’s find out the difference between photon hair removal and color light hair removal.

What is the difference between color light depilation and color light depilation

1、 How much does it cost to have a freezing depilation

The price of photon hair removal is between 3684-9587 yuan. Freezing point hair removal is indeed a more scientific activity at present. There are few freezing point hair removal methods. This treatment can present beautiful and white skin, has strong direction of whole-body hair removal, has very obvious curative effect, simple implementation, high efficiency, slight swelling and pain, does not leave surgical scars, and has no side effects.

And the photon hair removal ability reduces the hair follicle with the help of the laser energy of the wide spectral line. It can selectively penetrate into the hair follicle cells, be adsorbed by the pigment particles in the hair follicle, purposefully damage the function, make the hair follicle unit mutate and degenerate, and obtain the semiconductor laser hair removal function.

2、 Can laser hair removal effect last for a long time

The one-time long-term hair removal effect is quite good. Whether it will grow again after laser hair removal is determined by many factors.

Generally speaking, the effect of diagnosis and treatment or the number of treatments, the interval between treatments, the energy during diagnosis and treatment and itself will certainly interfere with the treatment effect.

Color light long-term hair removal doctor confirmed that the number of diagnosis and treatment is increasing, which is likely to achieve the postoperative effect of semiconductor freezing point hair removal.

Even if the method of e-light long-term hair removal is adopted, we need to follow the instructions. Plastic surgeons pointed out that if our treatment time is very long and a few human hair follicle cells play a strong role, although there are still very few hair follicles growing with the help of a particularly severe course of hair removal treatment, but at this time, the hair is almost small, like bristle, which will not affect the appearance. If it is clear, we should implement another treatment cycle of diagnosis and treatment.

This is also a serious factor causing hair removal errors. Most people think that one-time long-term hair removal is a long-term hair removal method. However, it is not. Whether it will grow again after long-term hair removal at freezing point is deeply affected by many root causes. In order to achieve a clean postoperative effect, it is recommended that you choose a professional beauty hospital and an experienced doctor.

3、 Three advantages of e-light long-term hair removal

  1. Color light long-term hair removal is very suitable for all kinds of body hair

The planning of composite color light ability can provide you with very good treatment for different colors, tissues and different human parts of your hair. As long as all types of hair follicles containing colors can be treated effectively.

  1. Daylighting is reliable relative to our skin

Pulsed light is a very good color light hair removal technique in China, which is certified by FDA and can safely and effectively remove all kinds of skin excess hair follicles.

  1. Color light depilation has few adverse consequences

Adverse consequences are rare. Slight redness or partial edema may occur at the treatment site, but such adverse reactions usually decrease within a few hours. Greatly reducing the sun exposure after each treatment will reduce the chance of adverse symptoms.

After treatment, you can recover your daily affairs and living habits as soon as possible.

4、 What is the difference between e light long-term depilation and color light long-term depilation

Freezing point long-term hair removal is a non stripping, non-invasive color light beauty technique.

Using photothermal treatment technology to reduce the excess hair of human body for a long time, its treatment effect was relatively ideal at that time, but with the appearance of pulsed light depilation, the treatment effect of color light depilation was different. Photon hair removal is multi wavelength, which can accurately remove body hair interruption in different places and different heights; Laser technology often if there is little activity, the light wavelength is very good, the breakdown is limited, and it is good to suspend the treatment of certain types of skin.

All long-term hair removal light belongs to four level laser, which is very dangerous to the naked eye and soft tissue. However, it is difficult to touch the eyes and soft tissue at the depilation place. With the implementation of color light long-term depilation skills, e-light long-term depilation does little harm to itself. Color light treatment has a wide range, but lacks directivity; The laser has good pertinence, which is very suitable for laser hair removal.

The charge for color light depilation is not uniform. Only tender, smooth and tender skin can present a more significant situation. In the end, I hope you can have white and tender skin.

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