What are the characteristics of freezing point depilation_ Five characteristics of freezing point depilation I wish you easy depilation

The hair on the body is exposed under the light clothes. Summer always makes women love and hate: women who remove hair in summer can freely show their beauty and sexy in summer, but some women can’t dress up fresh and sexy in this hot summer, and ruthlessly cover their true face of Lushan. Too long or too thick body hair will seriously interfere with women’s beauty, so most women choose to remove it. 80% of women choose traditional methods for hair removal. These methods not only waste time, but also cause pain, easy to leave scars, resulting in skin relaxation and other adverse reactions. In short, they are “hair can’t be taken off completely, and it will regenerate after taking off”. I think what you need is freezing point depilation. Freezing point depilation is a long-term laser depilation method that is more popular now. According to the principle of selective photothermal action and freezing point semiconductor laser depilation instrument, the laser penetrates the surface of the skin to maintain a certain temperature of the hair follicle, gently inactivate the hair follicle and peripheral stem cells, and achieve the effect of long-term depilation. So what are the specific characteristics of freezing point depilation? Let’s take a look at its five features:

What are the characteristics of freezing point depilation_ Five characteristics of freezing point depilation I wish you easy depilation

  1. Sapphire cold touch technology

Rare white gem is selected to treat bald head. During the treatment, the local epidermis can be cooled to 4 ℃, the whole hair removal process is fresh and painless, and has the effect of freezing point skin beautification. There is no need to apply cold compress after treatment.

  1. Large square spot

Upgrade the traditional circular light spot to a seamless square,? Completely solve the treatment overlapping area formed by circular light spot, super large 12 × 10mm square light spot, accurate coverage and fast speed.

  1. SHR fast hair removal mode

It can continuously and evenly apply laser energy to hair follicles, improve the speed and depth of hair removal, make hair removal more complete, and enjoy the reputation of “lunch break hair removal”.

  1. Ultra safe light wave

Freezing point laser combined with sapphire cold touch technology can accurately act on melanin particles. After depilation, it does not interfere with perspiration and is more safe.

  1. Automatic adjustment for different skin types

Computer controlled, freezing point hair removal is suitable for different skin types and different positions, meets the hair removal needs of different skin colors and different colors, and completely removes stubborn hair at all positions and depths. In addition, before freezing point depilation, you should also check to see if it is scar constitution. If so, it is not easy to depilate. Otherwise, although there are fewer hairs and more scars, it is still a small loss.

The above are the five characteristics of freezing point hair removal. In a word, freezing point hair removal has the advantages of painless, harmless, significant and long-term effect. If you want to change the embarrassing situation of “endless hair removal and regeneration after removal”, it is recommended to try freezing point hair removal!

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