Laser depilation is the most advanced depilation method

There are many lasers for hair removal, such as emerald laser, ruby laser and so on. To judge the effect of laser hair removal, on the one hand, it depends on the result (whether the hair is removed completely) and on the other hand, it depends on the process (pain, wound size, etc.). 755 nm alexandrite laser machine is the most advanced laser hair removal instrument in China, and the hair removal effect is very satisfactory.

The working principle of 755 nm laser machine is roughly the same as that of general laser machine. Its main advantage is that the laser machine is equipped with cooling device. The cooling device can spray non-toxic refrigerant on the skin surface tens of milliseconds before each laser pulse, which can not only protect the epidermis from burning, but also have a certain analgesic effect. When treated with 755 nm laser machine, there is only a slight burning sensation, the epidermis is is not damaged, and naturally there will be no scar. After treatment, you can take a bath, live and work as usual.

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