Is the freezing point depilated completely? Can freezing point depilation completely depilate?

  1. Principle of freezing point depilation

First of all, we need to know the principle of freezing point hair removal. In fact, it is also a method of hair removal using laser, but it is much better than traditional laser hair removal. Traditional laser hair removal mainly uses laser to instantly heat hair follicles and burn hair follicles, so that hair follicles can not regenerate hair. However, freezing point depilation uses laser to heat the hair follicle to a relatively low temperature, and then burn the hair follicle at a constant temperature, which makes the hair follicle lose the regeneration ability in a large area. Therefore, freezing point depilation has no burning feeling, which is safe and efficient.

  1. Some people can completely

In fact, the thoroughness of freezing point depilation varies from person to person, because some people’s hair follicles are relatively fragile, so permanent depilation can be achieved after freezing point depilation, and short yellow fluff can grow at most behind; However, some people’s hair follicle recovery ability is particularly good. They can still restore the regeneration ability after using freezing point depilation, so the depilation maintenance time can not be very long, and new hair will grow behind.

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