Is axillary depilation expensive? What is the axillary depilation process like?

Is axillary depilation expensive? What is the axillary depilation process like? The cost of axillary depilation for plastic surgery of stay fox is generally between 500-800 at a time nationwide. This price is the reference price, and the specific price is subject to the hospital. The specific situation of each person is different. The hair condition is different, and the treatment course of depilation is different. The beauty lovers with sparse hair also have less treatment times, and the corresponding price is also less. Generally, a treatment course is 3 ~ 4 times, and the specific situation should be determined according to the hair condition. Therefore, the amount of axillary depilation is related to the specific situation of axillary hair.

Axillary depilation cost

What is the axillary depilation process like?

1、 Shaving, that is, use a disposable hair removal knife to scrape off all the sweat hair on the body surface of both arms, so that when hair removal is carried out, the light wave can “pull up” the hair roots by roots

2、 Gel: apply gel with cooling and cooling effect to the underarm depilation part, so as to achieve greater protection for the skin and reduce the discomfort during depilation. Although there is no hair on the inner side of the arm, you can apply an appropriate amount of gel evenly. When depilating, you can receive the light wave “intimate contact” to tighten the skin.

3、 Laser depilation, with uniform force, repeatedly contacts at the depilation place, so that the light wave can thoroughly “encircle and suppress” the root of hair. When the intensity of light increases, the skin will feel stronger and stronger. The area and pain of each depilation are different due to different application of light wave. The area of freezing point depilation is relatively large and there is no pain; The area of photon hair removal is the same as that of freezing point hair removal. It will feel a little pain and can be tolerated; The area of laser hair removal is very small and painful.

4、 Clean, gently scrape off the gel and wash it with clean water. After cleaning, quickly moisturize the skin and apply sunscreen. One week after hair removal, do not take a bath with alkaline toiletries such as soap.

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