How to depilate in summer? These depilation methods are the most harmful to the body

In the scorching summer sun, beauties have changed into short skirts and shorts, but revealing their body hair is very embarrassing, so many girls who love beauty will have a hair removal regularly. Now, there are many ways of depilation on the market, so girls should choose depilation methods according to their own needs. What details should be paid attention to when depilating, so that you can have fine skin.

How to depilate in summer? These depilation methods are the most harmful to the body

Harm and method of depilation

Laser hair removal in beauty salons (careful selection of sanitary environment)

If you prefer the hair removal technology of the beauty salon, it is recommended to know more about the environment and hygiene of the beauty salon when choosing the beauty salon, and ensure that the beautician has the habit of washing hands and changing the pad paper on the operating table.

Wax depilation (easy to cause folliculitis)

Beeswax depilation can depilate rapidly in a large area and maintain for a long time, but the longest is no more than 8 weeks. In the process of depilation, it may cause the distortion of hair roots and hair follicles in the skin, resulting in hair endogenesis, which is easy to secondary folliculitis or other types of skin infection. It is not suitable for patients with diabetes, varicose veins, nevus, warts, skin ulceration and inflammation.

Tweezers for hair removal (loose skin and scars)

Tweezers can uproot hair from the depths of hair follicles, which has the effect of “cutting grass and removing roots”, but you must be careful when pulling hair. If it is too dense and pulled, it will actually cause great damage to the skin. It may cause redness and inflammation of the skin, pigment precipitation and skin relaxation. In serious cases, people will also have convex scars like goose bumps, which will affect the appearance.

How to depilate in summer? These depilation methods are the most harmful to the body

Shave yourself with a razor

You can use a special razor or electric razor to remove axillary hair at the armpit by looking at the mirror. Be careful in the process of use to avoid scratching the skin.

Hair removal details

Hair removal before and after menstruation (double pain)

Menstrual period is the most sensitive period for women’s body to pain. Depilation will have a strong sense of pain, which will even extend after depilation. Because there will be hormonal changes before and after menstruation, external foot stimulation will affect the enhancement of blood flow and feel pain. Therefore, it is best to remove hair with honey wax after the period, and it is best to remove hair during ovulation.

How to depilate in summer? These depilation methods are the most harmful to the body

Exfoliate before depilation (skin becomes sensitive and thin)

Some women believe that exfoliation before depilation can make subsequent depilation more thorough and clean. However, products containing exfoliation or retinol will make the skin thinner because they are fragile and sensitive. If depilation is carried out again, the skin will be seriously brittle and even burn.

No care after depilation (redness, swelling and large pores)

Many people will do all kinds of preparations before depilation, but they don’t care about the nursing work after depilation. After depilation, do not wash with hot water, but with cold water, which can narrow the newly expanded pores and calm the skin. After cleaning, quickly replenish water to the skin. Do not wash with soap and other alkaline toiletries one week after hair removal.

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