How to choose laser hair removal and photon hair removal

In today’s society, if you want others to change their view of you, you must first learn to change yourself. If you are careless, you will be treated differently by your colleagues. Depilation can make colleagues have a 180 degree turn in their attitude towards you. Maybe you will ask, laser depilation and photon depilation are both effective permanent depilation methods. Which depilation method should I choose?

Beijing laser beauty experts said that the principle of photon hair removal is the same as that of laser hair removal. They both use melanin in hair follicles to absorb light energy and convert it into heat energy, so as to destroy hair follicles and achieve the purpose of hair removal. The difference between the two is that laser hair removal uses lasers with different wavelengths, while photon hair removal uses a strong pulse light different from laser.

As for whether we are concerned about the good effect of photon hair removal or laser hair removal, there is no final conclusion. Theoretically, intense pulsed light increases the absorption of light by tissues other than hair follicles, so it also increases adverse reactions. Indeed, there are many reports that the effect of photon hair removal is not as good as laser hair removal, but some doctors have concluded through practice that the effect of photon hair removal is better than laser hair removal.

Generally speaking, thicker and darker hair (such as armpit hair, male beard, body hair, etc.) has a good effect of laser treatment. However, for fine (such as some women’s thin lip hair) and light colored hair, it is poor. For fine and light colored hair, the combination of laser and intense pulsed light can improve the curative effect.

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