How often does the freezing point depilate? How much is the price of freezing depilation?

How often does the freezing point depilate?

The interval between freezing point depilation is usually 1-2 months. For example, head hair has a relatively short rest period, so the interval can be as short as 1 month; The hair rest period of trunk and limbs is relatively long, so the interval of freezing point depilation treatment is about 2 months. Because the hair of different parts has different growth cycles, and the treatment interval is also different. The cold touch depilation system is protected by a unique cooling device, which can cool the local epidermis to 5 degrees Celsius; It is suggested to go to a regular hospital to find an experienced doctor.

The interval between freezing point depilation and depilation can be about 30 to 40 days. This is mainly determined according to the growth period of hair. In addition, the depilation interval should not be affected by depilation cream or physical depilation. Pay attention to sunscreen after depilation to avoid pigmentation and do not eat spicy and stimulating food. The effect of freezing point depilation is quite good. It will not harm your skin health, but also make the problem of hair get effective treatment. The second time of freezing point depilation usually takes about a week, which can not only fundamentally solve your hair problem, but also make your skin more beautiful.

How much is the price of freezing depilation?

The price of freezing point depilation is generally between 300-3000, and this price is not invariable. Because every beauty lover’s hair condition is different, the number of depilations will be different. If the hair grows luxuriantly and the number of depilations increases, the price of surgery will be slightly higher. If you choose local regular beauty institutions or large hospitals for hair removal treatment, the freezing point hair removal equipment of such hospitals will be more advanced and the charging standard will be slightly higher. However, beauty lovers must not go to informal small hospitals for freezing point depilation because they are greedy for small and cheap, otherwise they may cause skin damage.

The price of depilation is affected by many factors, such as the location of depilation, the type of equipment, the size of area, the course of depilation and so on. If you want to know the specific price, I suggest you go to the local regular large hospital for a detailed consultation. We know that the common parts of hair removal, such as the face and some women’s lip hair, are relatively heavy, which can be done. For example, the double armpits are also common parts of hair removal; In addition, the back, buttocks, lower legs, forearms, bikini lines and other parts can be done. Because the depilation parts are different, the required treatment course is also different, so the price is also different, and everyone’s hair situation is different, including the thickness, thickness and parts of the hair. Therefore, the effect of depilation is also different, and the cost of depilation is naturally different. Of course, while paying attention to the price, we should also consider the doctor’s technology and clinical experience

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