How many times does photon depilation need to be done to completely depilate? What are the advantages of photon hair removal?

Seeing the footsteps of spring have gone, summer is coming. It’s time for all beauties to show their good figure again. This time is the time to show their arms and legs, but some beauties feel annoyed because their arms and legs are covered with hair, which is very ugly. So it’s time to use photon hair removal technology. Photon hair removal can be boldly exposed to the sun without leaving any hair. Let’s learn about photon hair removal.

Effect of photon hair removal:

Photon hair removal is to use the principle of selective pyrolysis of light and the patented strong pulse photon technology to provide a soft and non-invasive treatment method. It uses the principle of melanin in hair follicle absorbing photons of specific wavelengths, and adjusts different wavelengths, pulse widths and photons to act on the skin, so that it can directly penetrate the skin to the root of hair follicle, so that the hair follicle can absorb the energy emitted by photons and convert it into heat energy that destroys hair follicle, Thus, the hair follicle loses the ability of regeneration, achieves the effect of depilation, and will not damage the tissue around the skin.

Number of photon hair removal:

The growth cycle of hair can be divided into three stages: growth period, transition period and rest period. Generally, the hair in the growth period can be effectively removed, so to achieve long-term hair removal, it needs several treatments. Generally, it needs 3-5 consecutive treatments to achieve better results; The interval of each treatment should be about 4-6 weeks.

What are the advantages of photon hair removal?

  1. Safe hair removal, photon hair removal treatment because the photon treatment head has refrigeration function and sapphire contact cooling, so there is no obvious damage to the surface skin during hair removal.
  2. The effect is multifaceted. Photons can not only effectively depilate, but also effectively tender and beautify the skin while depilating, making the skin white, tender and smooth.
  3. It is efficient and fast to carry out photon hair removal treatment. Because photons can effectively output 560-1200nm strong pulse spectrum, they can strongly act on skin tissue and be absorbed by melanin in deep skin. Achieve the speed of rapid completion of hair removal treatment.

Photon hair removal is a more popular way of hair removal in the market. It is an upgraded version of laser hair removal, which has a better hair removal effect than laser hair removal, so let’s get up quickly. In order to make us have a beautiful summer, start depilation quickly.

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