How long does lip depilation take? Can you make up after 12 hours of lip depilation?

How long does lip depilation take?

Lip depilation takes about a month at a time. After hair removal, the skin needs a period of recovery time. Everyone’s constitution is different, so the recovery time will be different. Lip depilation can use freezing point depilation. A little depilation can treat the hair of all parts of the body, and the depilation effect is better.

Hello, if you want to depilate your lips, you should use depilation liquid, because it is really convenient to use depilation liquid, but depilation liquid also has many side effects. Generally, the hair will grow thicker and denser after depilation, and then the growth speed of hair will become faster. The depilation time is generally effective immediately, about a few hours.

Some female friends feel very distressed because of the existence of lip hair, which makes them feel very embarrassed, so they choose the method of plastic surgery and laser lip hair removal to improve. One part that can highlight the charm of female friends is the lips. How long will it take to recover from lip hair removal? It will take about a month to recover.

Laser lip hair removal uses specific strong pulse light to penetrate the epidermis to reach the root of hair follicle, so that the temperature of sweat hair root increases rapidly, and the sweat hair root is heated and solidified, but does not affect the secretion of sweat gland, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal. It can selectively penetrate into the hair follicle without affecting the normal skin. It is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle to produce selective destruction and make the hair follicle degenerate and shrink. Achieve sexual hair removal.

The lip is a relatively fragile part, so we should choose non irritating methods for depilation. Laser depilation will not produce discomfort in the process. It has advantages over traditional depilation. Now more and more people choose laser depilation. The specific effect of laser is more ideal than traditional depilation methods, The outstanding feature is that the laser lip hair removal method can completely remove the lip hair and ensure no damage to the skin at the same time.

Do not expose your lips to the sun within 24 hours after laser hair removal. Do not wash your lips with hot water. Redness can be restored to normal after applying ice for three minutes! Through the above introduction, I believe you have a better understanding of lip hair removal. If you want to do lip hair removal, you can choose a formal plastic hospital for hair removal.

Can you make up after 12 hours of lip depilation?

Do not make up after 12 hours of lip depilation, because some make-up ingredients in cosmetics are harmful to pores just after depilation. Chemical ingredients are easy to enter pores and be absorbed by the skin. Over time, there will be very bad harm to the face skin, such as makeup precipitation, melanin precipitation, etc.

Do not make up after laser hair removal. Make up can be made up at an interval of one week and about 10 days after operation. Because everyone’s situation is different. Some people heal slowly and can’t make up in such a hurry. We must wait for the redness and swelling to subside and make up after recovery. Some people heal slowly and can’t rush to make up. They must wait for the redness and swelling to subside and make up after recovery.

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