Does laser depilation and photon depilation have side effects?

After laser hair removal and photon hair removal, slight redness or local edema may appear at the treatment site, but such reaction usually disappears within 12-24 hours.

There are few side effects of laser hair removal and photon hair removal. The most common side effects are blister formation, pigmentation and hypopigmentation. Pigment changes are usually temporary. Scabs are occasionally seen, and scars are rare.

The contraindications of laser and photon hair removal are as follows: ① pregnant women. ② Those who have been exposed to the sun recently (within 1-3 months). ③ Those with open wounds. ④ People with infected wounds. ⑤ People with skin diseases. ⑥ Epilepsy patients. ⑦ Upper eyelid forbidden. The following cases are the relative contraindications of laser hair removal ① have a history of keloid. ② Within 6 weeks, those who have used other methods (such as wax removal) for hair removal. ③ Allergic to hydroquinone or other bleach. ④ There was a history of using lsotretinoin (13 CIS retinoic acid) within 6 months.

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