Difference between freezing point depilation and e-light depilation

The hair on girls always makes them crazy. The hair on girls’ legs and hands always makes girls hide their sexy clothes in the wardrobe. In order to get rid of such distress as soon as possible, girls look for all kinds of panacea for hair removal. At present, e-light depilation and freezing point depilation are the best two depilation methods. So, which method should we choose? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Difference between freezing point depilation and e-light depilation

1、 Principle of freezing point depilation and e-light depilation

Freezing point laser hair removal depends on the heat generated by laser, which destroys hair follicles. The laser energy of freezing point depilation is high, the intensity is large and the temperature is high, which can destroy the hair follicles with large area. In other words, if the hair is thick, freezing point depilation, such as male beard, female hairline hair and armpit hair. The energy and intensity of e-light depilation are lower than that of laser depilation, and the temperature is lower, but it is enough to destroy smaller hair follicles; In addition, too much energy and too high temperature will also lead to unnecessary damage to the surrounding skin; Therefore, e-light depilation is more suitable for women’s soft hair.

2、 Suitable depilation types for freezing point depilation and e-light depilation

  1. E light is recommended for girls’ hair removal. However, some women’s hairline, hair and armpit hair are thicker, and the degree is almost the same as that of men’s hair. In this case, freezing point laser hair removal should be used. 2. Men are advised to use freezing point laser hair removal.

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